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"The world needs more souls that give from the heart without judgment."
- Lisa L. Johnverrell 


It all started when a southern grandmother and her 5 year old grandson become homeless in 2018 in an Atlanta shelter. While in a quiet room numbered "15", the grandmother wanted to develop a way that people can donate funds to others in need without revealing themselves.

Matthew 6:4 KJV - That thine alms may be in secret: and
thy Father which seeth in secret  himself shall reward thee openly.
5rand5 was originally launched as a crowdfunding, randomizer platform that allowed users to anonymously give donations to people using CashApp. We raised over $2,500 in just two months for 2 families and are ready to help more. We wanted to allow for screening of applicants that listed for help on our website. We created this human shopping-cart platform where people can chose whom they'd like to help, or donate an amount to us and we will choose based upon those individuals and organizations with the greatest need.  


  1. Are the askers screened? - Priority is given to single parents and families with children that are homeless or in dire need of assistance. We take recommendations from a handful of shelters in major cities and expect to have hundreds listed in a few months. Candidates that are just asking for "gas money" or other general assistance are chosen on a random basis. We are currently accepting applicants! 
  2. When do askers receive the donations? - Donations are sent by Paypal on a weekly basis and daily if by CashApp through 5rand5. If an asker accept donations by CashApp, they are received instantly. If the recipient does not have Paypal or CashApp they will receive a check of all donations received at the end of the month. 
  3. *Are all donations tax-deductible? - All donations made using the heartcart shopping system using Paypal or by sending a CashApp directly to $5rand5 are tax deductible under IRS 501(c)3 as our platform is for charity and benevolent purposes. Donations made directly to askers are only tax deductible if listed. Individual donations can be considered as gifts and may be eligible for the $14,000 gift allowance by the IRS. This information does not constitute tax advice, please consult an attorney if you need clarification if your donation qualifies.  
  4. How long are listings active? - Listings are active for 90 days unless special cirumstances that will allow them for a maximum of 180 days. We do not recommend 5rand5 for immediate help or if you are seeking large donations. (We recommend GoFundMe for that) All donations start at $5.00 per listing. Donors can raise the amount in the shopping cart to higher amounts or donate directly, but it is at their discretion. 
  5. How do I get a message to the asker? - We will gladly pass along information to listers if you can help them with employment or housing. We do not guarantee that they will respond as it is at their discretion, but we will attempt to send them your message. Please use the contact form below. Sorry but we will not share any personal contact information for any of our listers. 
  6. We are a nonprofit organization. How do we get on the site for donations? - Please complete the form below and tell us about your organization. We accept organizations on a selected basis as we have to use most of our space to help individuals and families but we would be happy to include you if we have the space. 
  7. Do you accept other forms of payment for donations? - Not at this time but we are working on it. We value our user's privacy and request to use secure payment methods. We will begin to accept checks by mail in a few months and the possibilty to add Western Union and other payment systems. Please stay tuned and sign up for our newsletter. 
  8. Is it safe to send my donation using CashApp direct to asker? - We wanted to give donors a chance to send help to a user immediately without our 10% service fee so we allow the use of the CashApp direct feature. This feature is to be used at your discretion. We recommend that you don't use your personal or main account since the user will have access to your cashtag and may request more money. If you want to donate anonymously, please use the heartcart shopping system or CashApp us directly at $5rand5 with the user's information in messages or use the contact form to let us know you will be sending the donation. 
  9. Where are you located and how can we contact your offices? - We are a group of 4 people with virtual offices in the metro Atlanta area. We wanted to limit overhead so that we can distribute 90% of all donations to the individuals, families and organizations that use the platform so we don't have physical offices at this time. You may contact us using the contact us form. Our office phone is manned during the hours of 9am - 5pm EST Monday - Friday. We try to respond to voice messages, but the best way to contact us is using the form below.  
  10. Are you hiring or accepting volunteers? - Please contact us using the form below. We are always looking for help. 

Need Help or Have Questions? Contact us about appearing on this site for donations.  
Priority listings available for families in homeless shelters and/or transitional housing. 

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